Bibhu Mohapatra Spring Summer 2015, New York Fashion Week

Inspired by 1920s activist and writer Nancy Cunard, the collection was what they call “de rigueur” meaning “in vogue” or up to date with latest fashion. In an interview with Forbes, Bibhu Mohapatra labelled the woman who would wear this collection as “impatient of her individuality” Designer said that he wanted to channel curnad’s independence, strength and eccentric spirit as well as reflect her exotic travels in prints. Evening wear included hand pleated chiffon and silk gowns while woven leather made an impressive day wear.bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw2

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Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2015 Collection Review

It was quite scenery for eyes to watch! The not so evening-wear collection of Marc Jacobs has it all for high-school teenagers. Even with the fade-away shades of Olive, tan and blue, he perverted the anonymity into something flamboyant. Flirty, hyper-sculpted minis. Long, shapeless schoolgirl dresses. Slouchy overalls. Cropped cargo pants. Waist-conscious jackets cut with militaristic precision. Giant sweats cut with room for two. Cargo pockets abounded, here, there and everywhere. The embellished sweats made the repeated entry following Jacob’s previous collection.


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Oscar de la Renta Spring Summer 15 collection Review

If you just thought, floral are over, think again cause industry’s favourite fashion designer had it floral all the way for his Spring summer collection that oozed the utter femininity and old school glamour,  which is also the house’ signature style. The show opened with bright pastel oversized prints, cropped tops and fringed brogues that was a welcome shift towards more modern vibes. The ramp then turned up into an array of floral designs – light crocheted designs, planted intarsia-style embroidered coats, feathered cocktail numbers and closed with an exquisite asymmetric hem dress.


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Carrolina Herrera Spring Summer 15, NewYork Fashion Week

Nothing seemed so cliché at first glance when Carolina Herrera tried to go-round with floral for spring summer collection as she has done this before. But the task was to sample new fabrics and experiment new materials making the collection edgy while she kept trying to push the boundaries the embroidery on skirt was unusual and simply outstanding. She took a step furtherer by painting those pieces into pink and then piecing them together like tile mosaic. But for those who may want to play safe and mainstream, there are pieces for them as well.carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw1

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Zac Posen Spring Summer 2015, New York Fashion Week

The Spring Summer collection of Zac Posen included wide variety of Black, white and red dress. Basic shades of these 3 colours were the only palate that Zac experimented with this season. May be little sportier to his previous collections but this nothing less in terms of Zac Posen Signature style. LBDs, Trousers, Jackets and Maxis, all came along so handy. “I mean, there are white dresses, but spring is about streamlining, it’s about confidence through cleanliness. I wanted to focus on cut and form, and build a collection that is for my customer. So there is red carpet, but I focused on a lot more day looks.” Zac quoted addressing reporter backstage .


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Me, Myself, & Moi

I know, I know that I haven’t been posting much since last two month, reason I being derailed and keeping up to myself not really doing anything but reading Marie Claire and reminiscing my favourite Sex and the City & Desperate Housewives moments by watching them all over again.  September is the month I love most, it being a fashion month. And more importantly, it being the month I was born. There Let me start by putting forth the simple question, what does a birthday mean to you? Some may enjoy having a family dinner and a cake while many other may take holidays while there are others who’d go shopping! I am one of them! Now, I have received lot of questions, being asked for my favourite brands and what do I lust when it comes to clothing? How do I define my style? And so on. I always tell them, I prefer to be off-stream. Having spent my childhood spent at museums and exhibitions I developed a taste that is quite off- track. And that’s what I tell myself every time I go to a store. The assistants in store come asking what am I looking for. And I literally say I do not see anything I want. Sometime it becomes hard to define what I am really looking for and most of the times its love at first sight. I do not consider a brand while I love a thing. It REALLY doesn’t matter if it’s on the street store or cheap Chinese website. With all my due respect to Louboutins and Ferragamo, I prefer something funkier, fancier and extravagant. Instead of Armani and Cavalli I’d rather Zara, Tsolo Munkh (Mongolian designer with really extravagant taste), Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, Craig Green, Druv Kapur, and Ujjawal Dubey to name few.